Nerd hard for Community

Community-TV-ShowThe fifth season of Community is in session on January 2nd, and the only way I could be more excited was if it suddenly became my real life.

What makes Community such a great sitcom in comparison to so many other shows is it’s nerd factor.

Inspector Space Time, Abed and Troys favorite show is a spin off of Doctor Who. To be clear, Doctor Who is by far my favorite show, ever. So when I was starting community and it referenced Inspector Space Time, I lost my mind and nerded hard for hours.

The show also makes multiple nerdy references, for instance a Han Solo moment from Abed during one of the shows famous paintball episodes. Any show that does such a great job at referencing Star Wars is good in my books.

As I mentioned, the show has had two epic paintball wars so far. Paintball wars. 1) Paintball is awesome…I’m horrible at it, but its awesome. 2) Paintball war…war with paint…on a TV show about community college. We are talking A+ material here people.

This show is hilarious, clever, and nerdy. If everyday was like a Community day, the world would be a happier place.


Why i’m not looking forward to Superman Vs. Batman

_1375065189The title of this post is slightly misleading…of course I will go and see the movie and love watching two of my favorite hero’s duke it out or whatever it is they are going to be doing. However, I’m incredibly, and I cannot stress this enough, INCREDIBLY disappointed at DC’s choice of new movie.

First, I would like to point out how Marvel has done everything right.

They did individual hero movies and then brought them all together in the Avengers. It was a brilliant plan. Not only do they make a ton of money on all the individual movies, but the fans get to revel at each separate movie and cheer when they all come together. Marvel has successfully created the Marvel Universe, each character intertwined with the other.

My question is…comment is*, “seriously DC?”

I loved Man of Steel, but DC has dropped the ball with their announcement of Superman VS. Batman. We have already seen three amazing Batman movies, a crap ton of good and not so good Superman movies…so why are we doing them both again?

I would much rather DC started to branch out and do other hero movies, give us something ELSE to look forward to instead of the same guys in tights. What about the Flash? Wonder Woman? Aquaman (don’t laugh, can you breath underwater?)? A Green Lantern movie that didn’t make me punch my TV (I love Ryan Reynolds, but he is funny…green lantern isn’t supposed to be funny!). DC has begun to over saturate those two hero’s. Now the hope for a good Justice League movie seems to be fleeting.

I get that they are popular characters right now…but the fact DC is out to make a quick buck is alarmingly obvious…and as a fan, quite upsetting. I almost feel betrayed, it seems they care more about the money then making the fans happy.

So overall, I’m really not looking forward to Superman Vs. Batman. I will simply pine and hope for the days when DC gets it right.

The science of deduction


With the third season of Sherlock fast approaching (January 19th), I thought I would explain why Sherlock is such a magnificent show that everyone should watch. You have a month and 19 days to catch up if you haven’t watched seasons one and two…get on it.

1. I mean nothing against American shows, but part of why Sherlock is so amazing is because it’s British. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are British, they live in London, it only makes sense for the show to remain true to it’s roots. The fact that Sherlock is positively brimming with Biritishness is what makes me love it far more then Elementary.

2. Sherlock Holmes is the greatest detective to ever exist and the greatest detective story ever told. For the show to live up to such a legacy you need phenomenal writers. Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are two geniuses that are perfect for the job. They have a track record that lives up to Sherlock Holmes’s legacy.


Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes

3. Jim Moriarty. A good villain is one that is just as interesting and thick as the main character…if not more so. Moriarty is the worlds only “consultant criminal”, the perfect rival for Holmes, the worlds only “consultant detective”. Moriarty is an unhinged mad man criminal with frightening brain power on par with Sherlock’s. He is the Joker to our Batman.

4. I like that Sherlock has 90 min episodes that end up being more movie like then show like. It gives the show a chance to dive deep into mystery’s, characters and plots. The best way to tangle up a show and make it interesting is to give it the time it needs to be breathtaking.

5. Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as John Watson. The stars of Sherlock are wickedly good actors. They bring Sherlock and John to life, making them believable and real. Benedict brings the eccentric brilliance to Sherlock without making him over the top, Martin brings the cool dignity to John while still making him a little awkward.

Sherlock 2 Specials

Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson

6.  Out of everyone I have ever talked to about the show, no one has ever spoken ill of it. Ever. Now I’m sure there are people who don’t like the show (people with bad taste), but considering how often I talk about the show to people (practically everyone I ever interact with, ever), the fact I have heard of no one who disliked it is pretty amazing.

7. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle weaved intricate and spell-binding mystery’s when he wrote Sherlock Holmes. It’s not an easy feat to keep people on their toes and to create such complex and amazing plots. The fact that Sherlock keep you guessing and brings the complexity of Doyle to the show is just another way it’s impressive.

LEGO just keeps getting better


When I was a wee one I loved playing with LEGO. It was beyond fabulous. I would just sit there for hours with my brothers giant can of little colorful blocks and build things, make up stories and do my best avoiding accidentally stepping on one. LEGO is by far one of my favorite toys, I played with it back then and I certainly play with it now.

When LEGO came up with the idea to start video games, I was a skeptic. I didn’t see how it would work, or why they think it would sell. “LEGO is blocks. You stack them. How can they make it a game?” I said.

Well, I just finished beating LEGO Marvel Super Heroes…and it was incredible. I couldn’t believe how well LEGO has done, the game was a stroke of genius.

1. The game play was fun, each character had their own powers and had a role to play. Sometimes I would get stuck, but it always ended up being the simplest solution that was the right one. I embarrassed myself more times then once trying to move on in a level. But hey, it was fun.

2. Its hilarious. Seriously, the game made me cramp up laughing a number of times. For example, big bad Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D was a little LEGO glutton in the game…every scene he was eating something. I realize I don’t make it seem as funny on this post as it was in the game…so you’re going to have to trust me.

3. Everything in the game is LEGO and watching things being built is just memorizing. It was so cool to watch Tony Stark’s jet get tossed together with all those real life LEGO pieces you remember from your childhood. This game clearly had a huge amount of time invested into it.

4. They have games for everything I love. LEGO Star Wars, Harry Potter, Superheros, Batman, The Hobbit. They just take all the Nerd things i love and make them into my favorite childhood toy. It doesn’t get any better then that.

5. Its a great multilayer game. My friend and I beat the game within a couple days and had fun every moment of it. Because it’s LEGO the pressures off, it doesn’t feel stressful so you don’t end up bickering with your partner over who’s fault it is you died.

Overall, I love LEGO and they continue to impress me with their brilliance.

Archery is “catching fire”

In regards to this article here:

It appears Archery is becoming quite popular, “catching fire” if you will. I’ve been an archer for some five years now. I worked at a summer camp in Muskoka as the archery coordinator for the camp, teachinKatniss_Everdeen_Pulls_Back_Her_Bow_New_Hunger_Games_Image_1320794831g kids how to shoot and setting up a range and what not. I’m in no way an extraordinary archer, but i know proper form and how to shoot safely. I’ll say I’m pretty good. No one is Katniss good (for the record).

Moving on. I’m happy people are getting interested in the bow! Archery is a brilliant sport, it takes practice, a calm head and patience. More people need a calm head and patience.

Since i believe the global community will eventually change dramatically and who knoLegolas_with_bowws what kind of society we will melt into, i think it’s important for people to have a  knowledge in some sorta weapon. I mean who is going to shoot the zombies when we run out of bullets? The archer who can make their own arrows! Probably not great quality arrows…but as long as they fly relatively straight we should be fine.

I recommend everyone try archery at least once, some people prefer guns, i just find a classic recurve bow to be an elegant and beautiful weapon. It has such  a deep history, it deserves a chance.

Five reasons the Game of Thrones TV show will blow your mind

1. George R.R. Martin is not at all afraid to viciously kill off characters


When an author is willing to kill characters to make for a better story, you know they are doing something right. His willingness to end lives makes his story 100% more unpredictable and thus far more intriguing and emotional! A successful story is one that makes you feel something…this show has put me on the brink of an emotional melt down more times then i can count. I would call that successful.

2. There is a Zombie Apocalypsewhite-walkers-5

The White Walkers were introduced at the beginning of the show. How amazing is it that an epic fantasy series has zombies incorporated within it…pretty fraken awesome. This ain’t The Walking Dead, the White Walker danger lurks idly in the background while the nobles of the land bicker it out for the Iron Throne. The Walkers are constantly at the fringe of your mind, you just keep waiting for the crap to hit the fan…It keeps you engaged… cruelly, but engaged none the less.

3. There are a ridiculous amount of plots happening

1336858052634Game of Thrones has a plethora of plots happening in a perfectly synchronized dance. Its absolutely mesmerizing. We have Jon Snow, White Walkers, Stannis Baratheon, Daenerys Targaryen, DRAGONS, Winter coming and a whole heck of a lot more. How Martin has intertwined his plots so fluently is nothing short of incredible. I just want to take a tour of his brain.

4. A+ CGI

Daenerys-Targaryen-game-of-thrones-23107710-1600-1200This one is pretty self explainable, the CGI effects in this show are very well done. I can only imagine how much of their budget goes into one dragon scene…keep ’em comin HBO.

5. Original and captivating opening sequence

If you haven’t seen the opening…just watch it. Seriously. Just click it. It will take 1:42 min of your life and you will never be the same. Do it.

Now that you have seen it…epic right?! I literally wake up to that song every morning, it is my alarm. I love it that much. The graphics are not only accurate but stunning as well. Throughout the show, they change certain sequences to show the towns current status. Attention to detail is always something i appreciate, and there is a lot of detail.

Animals are people too.

This post isn’t going to be about  a nerdy topic, so sue me, i had a moment of enlightenment.

I was writing an article on zoos for a school assignemt and that is what got the ball rolling. I concluded that when people say “oh, its just an animal, it doesn’t have feelings,” that they are ignorant and selfish and less human then the animals they pay to see. The epiphany is as follows:

How can we say they are “just animals” when they bond with each other and us just as humans bond. They have a glaringly obvious human qualities!

Take your dog, if you don’t have one, pretend you do, his name will be Guss. So you “picked” Guss out of a litter, you “paid” for him and “licensed” him, you essentially “own” him…like slave…a cute lovable slave.

People say, he is “just a dog.”

But how can he be just an animal, not on the same level of importance as humans, when if you were to let him “free”, he would wait on your door step until you let him back inside.

In Guss’s eyes, he is apart of your pack and you are apart of his. There is no ownership, no inequality, only devotion and family.

If animals are just barbaric beasts that don’t matter as much as humans, then how are they capable of such noble HUMAN behaviors? Capable of family.

saddogpicI suppose my point stemmed from my article. Zoos should not exist, they are cruel and promote slavery. How can we look down on human slavery with such vigor and continue to promote animal captivity. Animals are not just animals, if they were as insignificant as we make them out to be, why does Guss devote himself to you?