Where is the Epic Fantasy?

79_1legend_of_the_seeker_bruce_spence_1 Layout 1 Cara-Mord-Sith-Legend-of-the-Seeker Layout 1Once upon a time, the author Terry Goodkind wrote a series of epic fantasy called The Sword of Truth. Within these 11 books (there are books being added), Goodkind builds an astounding world and weaves his stories around you.

The series has many characters, every one of them leaving a distinct impression. Some appear only briefly and others sticking around long enough to become our friends (this is if you are like me and you become very attached to fictional characters). The two “main” characters, Richard Cypher and Kahlan Amnell are incredibly deep, constantly growing and blow my mind on a very regular basis. The stories are under the epic fantasy genre, including mythical creatures, medieval like scenery and government.  (There is a reason it’s called epic fantasy).

Goodkind’s ability to build characters, world build and intertwine plots are among his greatest writing skills.

I’m telling you about Goodkind’s books because they were the basis of a show called Legend of the Seeker. The show aired for 2 seasons and to my horror, was cancelled.

Legend of the Seeker was among the rare (even rarer now) epic fantasy shows on TV these days. We have reality shows, sci-fi show, game shows, cartoon shows…but where are the fantasy shows? I’m really not sure why there is so little epic fantasy out in the TV world, I’m even less sure why they would cancel one as good as Legend of the Seeker. It had everything a good fantasy show needs.

I really hate to think that people are more interested in watching crap like Toddlers and Tiaras then in watching enveloping stories that spark imagination and whimsy in the hearts of the watchers. What is the world coming to when reality is watched more than Fiction? We live reality, why watch it again on TV?

Legend of the Seeker might have been cancelled, and that sucks. I can only hope that epic fantasy finds its way back onto television and sticks around.


Why Firefly was… is the greatest show on Earth

For those of you who have not seen the majesty that is Firefly, leave this blog and go watch it right now. Seriously. For those that refuse to leave and watch it, Firefly is a sci-fi show that aired for one season, conjured a massive fan base…and then was wrongly cancelled. Go watch it; you will inevitably join the following.

Now, here are a couple reasons why Firefly is the greatest show on Earth:

For one, it’s a show about pirate cowboys in space…I repeat, pirate cowboys in space! If you don’t already love it, you need to get your priorities straight. Pirates are splendid; they plunder, say ‘Yar’ a lot, ride around on epic ships, storm the seven seas and entertain us in Pirates of the Caribbean. Cowboys are awesome; they say things like “this town ain’t big enough for the two of us,” wear stylish hats, ride around on horses, their boots make funny noises, they visit saloons and they thrive in desolate places.  So logically, when you take two mega amazing things such as pirates and cowboys and put them on a spaceship in space…you have now birthed of one of the greatest things to enter our world. Firefly.

So we have now established Firefly is awesome because of the whole pirate cowboys in space thing, another thing that makes this the greatest show on Earth would be its trueness. Not a word, I’m aware. Firefly is true to space, when the characters are out in the great beyond its silent, there is no beeping or spaceship noises, its silent just like space is. Firefly is true to itself, the show never took a turn for the money grabbing and it never sold itself short by introducing scenes or characters that didn’t fit the show. No, it remained awe-inspiring, funny and brilliant without selling out.

And lastly (well hardly, I just wanted to narrow it down to a few points), the show is completely entrancing in all aspects: from action scenes, character development, setting, plot and every other facet of the show. The action scenes are thrilling, clever and well shot (no crappy CGI boo boos here). The characters are deep with pasts that bring them to life. They stay true to themselves and grow in such a way that allows us to join alongside them. The settings on the show are based in a unique sci-fi world just waiting to be discovered, cities resembling China, 19th Century Europe, western deserts and more. Lastly, plot. My goodness the plot. I still get upset that I will never know the rest of the story. The layers of plots were enough to make me giddy. With so much potential for story arches, this show was just teaming with radiance. It’s not another typically flat show that air these days; it was meaty (and shiny)!

Oh, I lied, this is my last point. Captain Mal Reynolds is played by Nathan Fillion. Nathan Fillion is a fantastic actor, breathing life into Mal. I love Nathan Fillion.

I’d rather be flying.

So, I’m in school for Journalism. I write for the school paper (I wish I wasn’t killing so many trees), I interview people (they tend to be over zealous and expect me to write the holy grail of a story), I do the whole reporting thing (no comment? Well that ain’t good enough mister!) and am taught how to run around as a journalist (I flail a lot…I don’t think I’m doing it right).

I 100% don’t want to be a journalist.

The question has been posed to me, “why exactly are you in journalism?”

Well my friend, that is a darn tootin good question. And the answer is because I’m a writer, and I thought this would be a good career seeing as it involves writing. Plus I got done the first year…and quickly realized that I hated it. BUT, I’m nothing if not resilient, so I decided to finish the second year and get my expensive piece of paper.

This year and a bit of Journalism, has taught me some very valuable things, the most important one being, that I’m an excellent day dreamer.

At first I daydreamed about being Lois Lane, the BEST reporter I could ever think of (I sorta love her…a lot). I would rush around the city writing stories about Superman, Lex, possibly the Justice League and having such an oh so awesome life…such a daydream was amazing until I realized I hate journalism.

So then I would daydream as Wonder Woman. One epic amazon with legs up to her face. When I’m not beating up baddies, I would simply imagine myself flying. Flying has always seemed like the perfect escape. This feeling of being trapped by my choice to finish a diploma I don’t intend to use…I find myself needing escape a lot.  Deep down I know it is the right choice, get er done…but I would always rather be flying.