Why i’m not looking forward to Superman Vs. Batman

_1375065189The title of this post is slightly misleading…of course I will go and see the movie and love watching two of my favorite hero’s duke it out or whatever it is they are going to be doing. However, I’m incredibly, and I cannot stress this enough, INCREDIBLY disappointed at DC’s choice of new movie.

First, I would like to point out how Marvel has done everything right.

They did individual hero movies and then brought them all together in the Avengers. It was a brilliant plan. Not only do they make a ton of money on all the individual movies, but the fans get to revel at each separate movie and cheer when they all come together. Marvel has successfully created the Marvel Universe, each character intertwined with the other.

My question is…comment is*, “seriously DC?”

I loved Man of Steel, but DC has dropped the ball with their announcement of Superman VS. Batman. We have already seen three amazing Batman movies, a crap ton of good and not so good Superman movies…so why are we doing them both again?

I would much rather DC started to branch out and do other hero movies, give us something ELSE to look forward to instead of the same guys in tights. What about the Flash? Wonder Woman? Aquaman (don’t laugh, can you breath underwater?)? A Green Lantern movie that didn’t make me punch my TV (I love Ryan Reynolds, but he is funny…green lantern isn’t supposed to be funny!). DC has begun to over saturate those two hero’s. Now the hope for a good Justice League movie seems to be fleeting.

I get that they are popular characters right now…but the fact DC is out to make a quick buck is alarmingly obvious…and as a fan, quite upsetting. I almost feel betrayed, it seems they care more about the money then making the fans happy.

So overall, I’m really not looking forward to Superman Vs. Batman. I will simply pine and hope for the days when DC gets it right.


LEGO just keeps getting better


When I was a wee one I loved playing with LEGO. It was beyond fabulous. I would just sit there for hours with my brothers giant can of little colorful blocks and build things, make up stories and do my best avoiding accidentally stepping on one. LEGO is by far one of my favorite toys, I played with it back then and I certainly play with it now.

When LEGO came up with the idea to start video games, I was a skeptic. I didn’t see how it would work, or why they think it would sell. “LEGO is blocks. You stack them. How can they make it a game?” I said.

Well, I just finished beating LEGO Marvel Super Heroes…and it was incredible. I couldn’t believe how well LEGO has done, the game was a stroke of genius.

1. The game play was fun, each character had their own powers and had a role to play. Sometimes I would get stuck, but it always ended up being the simplest solution that was the right one. I embarrassed myself more times then once trying to move on in a level. But hey, it was fun.

2. Its hilarious. Seriously, the game made me cramp up laughing a number of times. For example, big bad Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D was a little LEGO glutton in the game…every scene he was eating something. I realize I don’t make it seem as funny on this post as it was in the game…so you’re going to have to trust me.

3. Everything in the game is LEGO and watching things being built is just memorizing. It was so cool to watch Tony Stark’s jet get tossed together with all those real life LEGO pieces you remember from your childhood. This game clearly had a huge amount of time invested into it.

4. They have games for everything I love. LEGO Star Wars, Harry Potter, Superheros, Batman, The Hobbit. They just take all the Nerd things i love and make them into my favorite childhood toy. It doesn’t get any better then that.

5. Its a great multilayer game. My friend and I beat the game within a couple days and had fun every moment of it. Because it’s LEGO the pressures off, it doesn’t feel stressful so you don’t end up bickering with your partner over who’s fault it is you died.

Overall, I love LEGO and they continue to impress me with their brilliance.