Nerd hard for Community

Community-TV-ShowThe fifth season of Community is in session on January 2nd, and the only way I could be more excited was if it suddenly became my real life.

What makes Community such a great sitcom in comparison to so many other shows is it’s nerd factor.

Inspector Space Time, Abed and Troys favorite show is a spin off of Doctor Who. To be clear, Doctor Who is by far my favorite show, ever. So when I was starting community and it referenced Inspector Space Time, I lost my mind and nerded hard for hours.

The show also makes multiple nerdy references, for instance a Han Solo moment from Abed during one of the shows famous paintball episodes. Any show that does such a great job at referencing Star Wars is good in my books.

As I mentioned, the show has had two epic paintball wars so far. Paintball wars. 1) Paintball is awesome…I’m horrible at it, but its awesome. 2) Paintball war…war with paint…on a TV show about community college. We are talking A+ material here people.

This show is hilarious, clever, and nerdy. If everyday was like a Community day, the world would be a happier place.


Revenge of the Nerd

The rising acceptance of nerd culture has been an interesting development of my generation. It used to be that the nerd/geek stereotypes kept such people in hiding. The bad acne, huge glasses, pocket protector and nerd gatherings of D&D all made nerds uncool and on the fringe of acceptable society.

So, imagine my surprise when I’m on my bus ride to school watching Battlestar Galactica on my ipad and someone looks over my shoulder and says, “You like BSG? That’s awesome.”

That’s awesome? Well, yes, of course it is, but since when did people say ‘awesome’ instead of looking at me and snickering?

I can’t pin down when nerdism started to become cool, perhaps it was the rise of Harry Potter or the restart of Doctor Who, i just don’t know. artgeekcutlture624201210-e1340665095107

I love that nerds don’t have to be ashamed of the things they enjoy anymore, they can be proud and accepted for them instead. We shouldn’t be judged for liking men in tights or for living in a realm of fantasy. I’m glad that society is beginning to accept that.