Why i’m not looking forward to Superman Vs. Batman

_1375065189The title of this post is slightly misleading…of course I will go and see the movie and love watching two of my favorite hero’s duke it out or whatever it is they are going to be doing. However, I’m incredibly, and I cannot stress this enough, INCREDIBLY disappointed at DC’s choice of new movie.

First, I would like to point out how Marvel has done everything right.

They did individual hero movies and then brought them all together in the Avengers. It was a brilliant plan. Not only do they make a ton of money on all the individual movies, but the fans get to revel at each separate movie and cheer when they all come together. Marvel has successfully created the Marvel Universe, each character intertwined with the other.

My question is…comment is*, “seriously DC?”

I loved Man of Steel, but DC has dropped the ball with their announcement of Superman VS. Batman. We have already seen three amazing Batman movies, a crap ton of good and not so good Superman movies…so why are we doing them both again?

I would much rather DC started to branch out and do other hero movies, give us something ELSE to look forward to instead of the same guys in tights. What about the Flash? Wonder Woman? Aquaman (don’t laugh, can you breath underwater?)? A Green Lantern movie that didn’t make me punch my TV (I love Ryan Reynolds, but he is funny…green lantern isn’t supposed to be funny!). DC has begun to over saturate those two hero’s. Now the hope for a good Justice League movie seems to be fleeting.

I get that they are popular characters right now…but the fact DC is out to make a quick buck is alarmingly obvious…and as a fan, quite upsetting. I almost feel betrayed, it seems they care more about the money then making the fans happy.

So overall, I’m really not looking forward to Superman Vs. Batman. I will simply pine and hope for the days when DC gets it right.


Bringing the Super back into Man


This past year, something beautiful emerged from DC (finally!).

Man of Steel was debated, fought over and probably bled over until the fateful day it finally burst into theaters. All I can say about it is, ‘whoa’ (which let’s face it is far less then my usual word count). The entire 2 hours and something movie, I was literally on the edge of my seat. My partner in crime was actually trying to pull me back, apparently I was becoming obnoxious.

Now, of course there were things about it that I didn’t like, nothing is perfect (except Firefly, may it RIP). I didn’t like that they didn’t make it a 6 hour movie, I didn’t like how one moment Lois and Clark meet and the next they are in love, and I didn’t like that I wasn’t cast as Lois!

Depending on your history with Superman and what you wanted from the movie, you could have felt many things towards it. For instance, if you are a long-time lover of the bullet proof man, then you didn’t want a movie that did a lot of character building because you already know the character of Superman like the back of your hand. Man of Steel didn’t have a lot of character building, it was primarily an action based movie, not like Wolverine…which was 90% character building and 8% train fight (the other 2% is left to your imagination).

If you journeyed to the theater to see Man of Steel not knowing a whole lot about Clark or at least not having saturated yourself with Superman, then you were probably thrown around a bit. You wouldn’t have gotten a deep sense of knowing the character’s character.

As for my superman history…I have had a relatively extensive relationship with the hero. I’ve seen every episode of the Justice League, all of Smallville, all the old movies, etc etc. So with my experience, I was very thankful that 1) they didn’t do a lot of character building and 2) that they mixed up the story telling a bit.

I love Superman, but the classic Superman story is overdone. It’s always 2 min of him being put into a spaceship as the planet Krypton is imploding all around him. 30 Seconds of little baby Clark flying through space. 7 min of Mr and Mrs Kent finding the cute crashed alien. 1 hour of Kent’s youth where we feel bad that he keeps breaking door handles and isn’t allowed to join any sports teams. Then a final 1 hour of him saving the planet and accepting his destiny as Superman. The classic story we all know/love/are sick of.

BUT! Man of Steel did something miraculous and wonderful! They did Krypton extensively at the beginning! Everything from technology or biochemistry to flying animal things! This is not your father’s Krypton! This is SPARTA…I mean AWESOME! So aside from spending a beautiful amount of time on something most directors never bothered with, they spent a mercifully small amount of time on his youth and character building and skipped straight to the fun stuff. Beating up the baddies.

So kudos to the writers and editors and actors etc etc of Man of Steel, I think you did a bang up job. You pushed past the usual story that we have come to expect from Superman, and entertained us on a whole new ride. If you don’t like Man of Steel, you’re crazy, haha, no, I guess it just wasn’t for you, and that’s ok.

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