Animals are people too.

This post isn’t going to be about  a nerdy topic, so sue me, i had a moment of enlightenment.

I was writing an article on zoos for a school assignemt and that is what got the ball rolling. I concluded that when people say “oh, its just an animal, it doesn’t have feelings,” that they are ignorant and selfish and less human then the animals they pay to see. The epiphany is as follows:

How can we say they are “just animals” when they bond with each other and us just as humans bond. They have a glaringly obvious human qualities!

Take your dog, if you don’t have one, pretend you do, his name will be Guss. So you “picked” Guss out of a litter, you “paid” for him and “licensed” him, you essentially “own” him…like slave…a cute lovable slave.

People say, he is “just a dog.”

But how can he be just an animal, not on the same level of importance as humans, when if you were to let him “free”, he would wait on your door step until you let him back inside.

In Guss’s eyes, he is apart of your pack and you are apart of his. There is no ownership, no inequality, only devotion and family.

If animals are just barbaric beasts that don’t matter as much as humans, then how are they capable of such noble HUMAN behaviors? Capable of family.

saddogpicI suppose my point stemmed from my article. Zoos should not exist, they are cruel and promote slavery. How can we look down on human slavery with such vigor and continue to promote animal captivity. Animals are not just animals, if they were as insignificant as we make them out to be, why does Guss devote himself to you?