Nerd hard for Community

Community-TV-ShowThe fifth season of Community is in session on January 2nd, and the only way I could be more excited was if it suddenly became my real life.

What makes Community such a great sitcom in comparison to so many other shows is it’s nerd factor.

Inspector Space Time, Abed and Troys favorite show is a spin off of Doctor Who. To be clear, Doctor Who is by far my favorite show, ever. So when I was starting community and it referenced Inspector Space Time, I lost my mind and nerded hard for hours.

The show also makes multiple nerdy references, for instance a Han Solo moment from Abed during one of the shows famous paintball episodes. Any show that does such a great job at referencing Star Wars is good in my books.

As I mentioned, the show has had two epic paintball wars so far. Paintball wars. 1) Paintball is awesome…I’m horrible at it, but its awesome. 2) Paintball war…war with paint…on a TV show about community college. We are talking A+ material here people.

This show is hilarious, clever, and nerdy. If everyday was like a Community day, the world would be a happier place.